Friday, May 28, 2010

Well...if first of all, if you don't bike and your car breaks down, what would you wish for?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Been a Minute

Long time no post...We have been mad busy getting the course details nailed down and prepping for the Almanzo. Chris really knows how to throw a quality event. Kudos! Beautiful scenery, frightening downhills, resolve crushing uphills, outstanding spectator support, phenominal volunteers, and a great group of riders are only a few of the stars that aligned on May 15, 2010. Your humble WDB organizers had big fun. We finished 12th and 33rd so for us, the gravel racing is taking a back seat for a few weeks. It's time to pay back the community of grinders out there who are Jonesin to get back on the rocks and crush some agates!!

The Westside Dirty Benjamin course is shaping up to be the best route in Minnesota west of the twin cities. If you know Carver County, you know of farms, lakes, wind and turkeys. You may miss the in and out of the numerous river valleys that you were blessed with in the Almanzo and Ragnorak but hey, we believe that is what you need on June 19th. Posts will be coming more frequent now so keep an eye out.