Friday, February 9, 2018

2018 Registration and Race Details

Registration for the 2018 Westside Dirty Benjamin in now open.

Once registered your name will be added to the 2018 Event Roster.  Then please check back in mid-May for any course updates and then again on June 1st for race numbers, cue sheets, event waiver, gps files, and final race details.

Please check the 2018 Event Roster before registering.

If you have registered for the WDB in the past 3 years you will automatically be registered for the 2018 event.

New riders please send an email to including this info:

Subject Line: 2018 Registration

Your Name

Class: Open Men, Open Women, Singlespeed Men, Singlespeed Women, 50+ Men, 50+ Women, Fatbike Men, or Fatbike Women.

You can enter multiple classes, so if you are 50+ and riding a Fatbike you could enter both.

The official start location is yet to be determined but will be in the city of Chaska, MN at 8 am Saturday June 9th.  REQUIRED SIGN IN AND WAIVER SUBMISSION will start at 6:30am.

Event route highlights:
The course in will be the roughly the same at last year's new course.  There is a possibility of a few changes but only if we have a dry spring and the river does not flood.

97 miles, mostly gravel except for: 8 miles of dirt roads/trails, 1 mile of single track, 18 miles of pavement, & 1/2 mile of Braapp! (as long as it's not flooded),  Estimated climbing is around 4000'

Water stop at about 45 miles Rush River Park.

Downtown LeSueur at about 60 miles

Ride past the railroad bridge used in Purple Rain and on the gravel road Prince rode his motorcycle down!

U4IC Brewery Tap Room at about 80 miles.

Route map:

Short Course Option:
There will be a short course option, around 70 miles, you can decide of the shorter route on the day of the event during sign in.

2018 Event Roster:

Friday, December 1, 2017


Things are a go for 2018... June 9th!  more details to come!!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Another Hot One!!

Thanks everyone for coming out on this extra challenging day!!  Dealing with 93 degree heat, 20+ mph winds, & several miles of soft freshly graded gravel roads was no easy feat.  Props to all 160 riders who took the startline.

A huge thanks goes out to Michael's Cycles Saturday ride crew (Greg Gowan, Chad Neuman, Steve Orland, John Emery, Bob Sutcliffe, & Rick Egdorf) for helping with registration in the morning and running the checkpoint all day!  Also a big thanks to Luke Breen & Perennial Cycle for their continued support! ... and I can’t forget the awesome support & help from my wife Jenny!

We are a go for 2018, hope to see then with better weather!

Results: Full, 3/4, 56, 42

Full Westside Dirty Benjamin
1JoshMolnar1st Open Men6:05:00
2TedLoosenOpen Men6:11:00
3IanHoogendamOpen Men6:13:00
4DennisDreslerOpen Men6:16:00
5ArikHolmOpen Men6:17:00
6ShawnBrickOpen Men6:49:00
7RobertHestOpen Men6:51:00
8MattChristiansenOpen Men6:55:00
9KarlVanceOpen Men6:55:01
10JeffShupeOpen Men6:55:02
11ChadMacyOpen Men6:55:03
12DarrylShoemakerOpen Men7:11:00
13AndrewDostalOpen Men7:14:00
15TedClausenOpen Men7:34:00
16SamSt.Pierre1st Master 50+7:34:01
17JacobBauerOpen Men7:34:02
18JonKern Open Men7:50:00
19IsaakWeeksOpen Men8:08:00
20PaulCarrollOpen Men8:09:00
21ScottHippenOpen Men8:09:01
22PaulInkalaOpen Men8:13:00
23NikkiMunvez1st Open Women8:14:00
24AndyLagesonOpen Men8:14:01
25JohnStruchynskiMaster 50+8:22:00
26RisaHustadOpen Women8:23:00
27HurlEverstoneOpen Men8:24:00
28RobertWilliamsOpen Men8:25:00
29JoeBlackMaster 50+8:30:00
30JeffOneillOpen Men8:37:00
31DaveZiemerOpen Men8:37:01
32JoshuaSchneiderOpen Men8:48:00
33StephenWilsonOpen Men9:08:00
34RodZamoranoOpen Men9:08:01
35MattHovenOpen Men9:08:02
36KenEarleyOpen Men9:08:03
37JustinKremerOpen Men9:08:04
38JeffHenkemeyerOpen Men9:15:00
39TrentonRaygor1st Singlespeed9:17:00
40AaronVoreisOpen Men9:17:01
41BrettSlomaOpen Men9:32:00
42KyleDavisOpen Men9:41:00

3/4s of the Westside Dirty Benjamin
1DavidHerbertMaster 50+5:11:00
2DwightSkinnerOpen Men5:20:00
3CharlesWolfOpen Men5:25:00
4EmilyFlynnOpen Women5:25:01
5ChrisCorleyOpen Men5:25:02
6ReidBartelsOpen Men5:50:00
7WookieeNixonOpen Men5:50:01
8MartinAndrusiakMaster 50+5:52:00
9RayFiniOpen Men5:59:00
10TomLapinskiOpen Men6:00:00
11JayDellisMaster 50+6:04:00
12JustinSchuetzOpen Men6:16:00
13JonLaneMaster 50+6:21:00
14NickPagliaOpen Men6:21:01
15BillCallasMaster 50+6:26:00
16ErikKrabbenhoftOpen Men6:32:00
17JohnCarlineOpen Men6:35:00
18JohnDicusMaster 50+6:37:00
19Brian HeadleeOpen Men6:40:00
20BradHallettOpen Men6:40:01
21LakeBechtellMaster 50+6:45:00
22HalHoltMaster 50+6:45:01
23DavidEdgeOpen Men6:48:00
24AndyMartensOpen Men6:56:00
25RaySamideMaster 50+6:58:00
26ToddCravensMaster 50+6:58:01
27ToddBauerMaster 50+7:00:00
28RichZvosecMaster 50+7:03:00
29MikeCambellMaster 50+7:21:00
30GregKnollOpen Men7:34:00
31JohnInghamMaster 50+7:34:01
32LynnGregoryMaster 50+7:35:00
33ChrisSibleyOpen Men7:35:01
34ChrisFandelMaster 50+7:42:01
35ChrisKvaalOpen Men7:43:00
38DerekCarlsonMaster 50+8:22:00
39LukeBreenMaster 50+8:22:01

56 of the Westside Dirty Benjamin
1JaredGazdaOpen Men3:49:00
2PaulSchoeningMaster 50+3:49:01
3TimNorrieOpen Men4:09:00
4JayHendersonOpen Men4:09:01
5PatrickKinneyOpen Men4:09:02
6KristiHendersonOpen Women4:09:03
7PaulUrbanskiMaster 50+4:22:00
8EdHedblomMaster 50+4:31:00
9StevenOrwigOpen Men4:39:00
10EvonneRemhofOpen Women4:39:01
11LarryBereuterOpen Men6:47:00
12JacobEllefsenOpen Men7:10:00
13MarkSchuttenhelmMaster 50+7:29:00

Phil's 42 of the Westside Dirty Benjamin
1PhilVeloOpen Men3:33:00
2TheoHalvorsonOpen Men3:33:01
3TrishaGrothOpen Women3:33:02
4TimothyHoffardOpen Men4:33:00

DNF's or Did not check in.
Please send an email to
if you finished and are not on the list with your time and distance and you will be added.
RichAlbrecht102Open Men
AlexAnderson107Open Men
KateAnkofski111Open Women
WillAnsley112Open Men
BrentAsproth114Open Men
BillAyotte116Open Men
KeethBadger122Open Men
GregBernhardt166Master 50+
JoeBischoff174Open Men
GrantBraasch195Open Men
JeddBraunwarth196Open Men
JimBrick198Open Men
PaulBrogan201Open Men
JeffBushendorf213Open Men
MarkButcher215Open Men
PaulCarroll223Open Men
MikeCriego247Open Men

JasonDavis254Open Men
BrianDelaney258Open Men
DanDittmer269Open Men
AlanEastlund286Open Men
JeremyFry333Open Men
ChrisGauron341Open Men
NickGrundman366Open Men

DaveHendricks401Open Men
StefanieHollmichel419Open Women

435Master 50+
BryanJacobson441Open Men
Dana AllanKromer497Master 50+
Mike + BarbLaChance503Tandem
BenLagerquist504Open Men
MarkMcLain582Master 50+
ChadMillner597Open Men
WadeMueller610Master 50+
KenNaylor616Master 50+
AlexOnes644Open Men
BenOney645Open Men
JosePascual660Open Men
MikePasdo661Open Men
WilliamPass662Open Men
NoahPruett685Open Men
TomQuinn686Master 50+
VinceSchaper732Master 50+
GaryScherer734Open Men
LukeSchuttenhelm748Open Men
DavidShulman756Open Men
HarlanSmith773Open Men
GuyStill790Open Men
ChrisSur807Open Men
CaleSwanson811Open Men
RyanTerpening816Open Men
MikeThorson825Open Men
AlexWarren865Open Men
ChadWoofter888Open Men
GerritGakberich1007Open Men
GregScallon1010Master 50+
JordanScott1011Open Men
NicholasGarlois1012Open Men
JeffFrane1013Open Men