Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Registration Closing Soon

Registration for 2017 is still open until May 30th. Please check the link below if you have registered for previous editions.  You may already be on the list.  If not, send an email to westsidedirtybenjamin@gmail.com with your name and class (open, master, fatbike, or single, and male or female)

2017 WDB June 10th 8am Start: Michael Cycle's > 96 miles of awesomeness > Finish: Chaska VFW


Friday, May 12, 2017

New Course for 2017!!

There is a new course for 2017 and it is awesome!  It contains only about 15 miles of the previous editions.

New course highlights...
97 miles, mostly gravel except for: 8 miles of dirt roads/trails, 1 mile of single track, 18 miles of pavement, & 1/2 mile of Braapp! (as long as it's not flooded),  Estimated climbing is around 3800'

2 water stops at about 45 miles Rush River Park and 70 miles Henderson Picnic Shelter.

Downtown LeSueur at about 60 miles

Ride past the railroad bridge used in Purple Rain and on the gravel road Prince rode his motorcycle down!

U4IC Brewery Tap Room & Food Truck at about 80 miles.

Starts at Micheal's Cycles and ends at the Chaska VFW.

More race details to come in the next week. Stay tuned!

Here is a link to the the map:

Friday, April 7, 2017

2017 Roster

***Roster Updated 5/16/17***

Here is the link for the updated roster for the 2017 Westside Dirty Benjamin.

If you are not on the list please send an email to westsidedirtybenjamin@gmail.com

More event details will be coming by early May.  We are still looking at a couple of different course variations but most likely the course will be similar to last year's.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

2017 Westside Dirty Benjamin Registration Details:

***Please register by 5/21/17***

If you registered for the 2015 or 2016 edition of the Dirty Benjamin your name will be automatically be added to the 2017 list.

For new riders please send an email to westsidedirtybenjamin@gmail.com including this info:

Subject Line: 2017 Registration


Class: Open Men, Open Women, Singlespeed Men, Singlespeed Women, 50+ Men, 50+ Women, Fatbike Men, or Fatbike Women.

You can enter multiple classes, so if you are 50+ and riding a Fatbike you could enter both.

Class changes can be made up until race day sign in.

Numbers will be preassigned again and will be included with the race waiver & cue sheets PDF file to be posted at a later date.

To help us out with planning the size please check in on Facebook with the event... Either going or interested.

The 2017 route will most likely be similar to last years.  The top 10 finish line may move closer to the baseball field, and the direction of the figure 8 may flip, meaning the Brapp! section will come sooner in the event.  There is a slim chance of major course changes if it's a dry spring. At this point he official route will be posted my Memorial Day weekend, but hopefully sooner.

Event date: 6/10/2017 8:00am

2015 list: http://dirtybenjamin.blogspot.com/p/2015-entrants.html
2016 list: http://dirtybenjamin.blogspot.com/2016/06/final-roster.html

Sunday, December 11, 2016

WDB #8!

Seven spent Benjamins already!

The Westside Dirty Benjamin rolls into it's 8th year on June 10th 2017

More goods time to be had!
Registration & details to come by February.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Recap and Results

Thanks all for coming out to Carver county and carving out a nice slice of gravel hot dish. These gravel rides are all different and this year it was a battle against heat and humidity. There were around 175 starters and just over 100 logged finishers. The highlight of many riders' day was getting sprayed down but a friendly bystander who was working her garden. Kudos for her! Those who took it to the next level dipped into the Minnesota River at the end of the race and dropped the core temperature properly.

Huge thanks goes out to Mike, John, Greg, and the whole crew at Michael's Cycles in Chaska. They provided a hub and much help. So much appreciated. Big thanks for Banjo Brothers, Donkey Label, and Molten Speed Wax. All quality products from truly supportive people. Much respect! We hope you enjoyed the ride and forgive us for any mistakes in the results. Thanks!!

1Ian HoogendamOpen Men5:08
2Ben DoomOpen Men5:14
3Charlie SchadOpen Men5:14
4Ted LoosenOpen Men5:14
5Joe HamlinOpen Men5:14
6Greg AlexanderOpen Men5:18
7Jim BellMaster 50+5:29
8Matt AbelOpen Men5:29
9Devon PalmerOpen Men5:29
10Scott HippenOpen Men5:44
11Sam St.PierreMaster 50+5:50
12Matt HovenOpen Men5:50
13Jared LewisOpen Men5:50
14John StruchynskiMaster 50+5:51
15Brian DelaneyOpen Men5:53
16Pete MoodyOpen Men5:53
17Charles WolfOpen Men5:53
18David HerbertMaster 50+5:56
19Emily FlynnOpen Women5:56
20Don DouglassFATBIKE 50+5:56
21Michael TheilerOpen Men5:56
22Martin AndrusiakMaster 50+5:57
23Mark McLainMaster 50+5:57
24William PassOpen Men5:58
25James LuethMaster 50+5:59
26Paul InkalaOpen Men6:00
27Papito GregorioOpen Men6:10
28Alan EastlundOpen Men6:15
29Adam StaufenbergOpen Men6:15
30Rob MosimannMaster 50+6:19
31Chad MillnerOpen Men6:19
32Joshua SchneiderOpen Men6:21
33Grant BraaschOpen Men6:28
35Chelsea StrateOpen Woman6:36
36Max von HohenbergOpen Men6:36
37Steve BobuschOpen Men6:36
38Hurl EverstoneOpen Men6:36
39Jared GazdaOpen Men6:36
40Tom BendsonMaster 50+6:36
41Ryan WudtkeOpen Men6:40
42Chris NelsonOpen Men6:40
43William FeigesMaster 50+6:40
44Jon LaneMaster 50+6:40
45Jim SchultzOpen Men6:40
46Tim HolmstromMaster 50+6:40
47Robert LyngOpen Men6:41
48Andy LagesonOpen Men6:42
49David PetersonOpen Men6:44
50Scott KleinOpen Men6:46
51Stephen WilsonOpen Men6:46
52Shawn BrickOpen Men6:47
53Jim BrickOpen Men6:47
54Jeff HenkemeyerOpen Men6:48
55Ted ClausenFATBIKE6:52
56Eric KehrbergMaster 50+7:03
57Gary LindbergMaster 50+7:04
58Ben RoshkoSinglespeed7:08
59Brett SlomaOpen Men7:17
60Shaggy-Chad RiceSinglespeed7:19
61Thomas PannSinglespeed7:24
62Mike CambellMaster 50+7:26
63Jay DellisOpen Men7:27
66Allen SanbornOpen Men7:32
67Phil VeloOpen Men7:42
68Robert A. BrownOpen Men7:42
69Wade MuellerOpen Men7:48
70Matthew GryniewskiOpen Men7:48
71Carl BostroemOpen Men7:49
72Bill CallasMaster 50+7:51
73Bruce AndersonTANDEM8:00
73Peggy BartzTANDEM8:00
74Mark ButcherOpen Men8:13
75Jose PascualOpen Men8:13
76Suzanne ZaayerOpen Women8:19
77Daniel GlisczinskiFATBIKE8:19
78Walt BurnsMaster 50+8:22
79Cale SwansonOpen Men6:22
80Bryan JacobsonOpen Men8:22
81Erika SawinskiOpen Women8:26
82Joe PondOpen Men8:26
83John CarlineOpen Men8:26
84Luis RodriguezOpen Men8:28
85Luke SchmitzFATBIKE8:30
86Robert WilliamsSinglespeed8:37
87Kyle DavisOpen Men8:44
88Chad KellyOpen Men8:44
89Kathy BatesOpen Women 50+8:45
90Bill AyotteOpen Men9:15
91Jason WassonOpen Men9:16
92Daniel RandolphMaster 50+9:22
93Michael BundaOpen Men9:30
94Aaron OlsenSinglespeed9:30
95Tim LupferOpen Men9:30
96Ted BergstromOpen Men10:01
97Christopher ManeaOpen Men10:16
98Greg HenningsenOpen Men10:22
99Madeline HarmsOpen Women10:27
100David GrahamOpen Men10:27
101Tyler McKayOpen Men10:45
102Michael KnollMaster 50+10:46
103Brian HoeseOpen Men11:20

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Cue Card #5 Updated

Cue Sheet #5 has been updated Maplewood Rd. at mile 86.9, it should be a LEFT turn.  The PDF has been updated as of 10:45pm 6/9.   Please print a new card or make sure to change your existing.

PDF Link: