Thursday, May 29, 2014

Course Update

We have a slightly changed course for you this year that includes two new climbs. This means we able to remove our +7 miles "no climbing tax" and the new course adds up to be 100.8 miles.  All the changes take place in the beginning 10 miles.  There is an additional 3 miles of trail which includes 2 spillway crossings. These will need to be crossed with caution (see photo).  Also at about mile 6 there is a difficult off-road climb followed up by a nice paved climb.  Please checkout the link here for a map of the new course.

Also for those going for the win... We are going to locate the sprint finish line before the descent and just after the 212 underpass.  We need to do this for a safe finish.  Timing will stop at the original start/finish.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Double Up

Hey Hey Hey!

We decided to make this event a little larger. So we are taking entries postmarked by May 31st or until we reach 400 riders.

...registration is over now.