Saturday, April 23, 2011

Recon + Water, and more water

Got out on the course this week to check all the trail sections for flooding and there are 2 still under about 3 feet water. One being the trail behind downtown Carver. Hopefully things will dry out closer to race day, if not the start will have a little more pavement.

We did find 3 new trail sections for this years course and one will definitely have a couple of dismounts since we can't count on the weather to knock over a giant tree the night before the race again.

Also found close to the course is a park that has a drinking water well pump. Not 100% it will be working but it looks promising. We'll probably route the course through that park, if not it's will only take you about 1/4 mile off course. This falls near the 70 mile point or at the end of the Luce Line section.

....more course updates & details in the coming weeks!