Sunday, June 12, 2016

Recap and Results

Thanks all for coming out to Carver county and carving out a nice slice of gravel hot dish. These gravel rides are all different and this year it was a battle against heat and humidity. There were around 175 starters and just over 100 logged finishers. The highlight of many riders' day was getting sprayed down but a friendly bystander who was working her garden. Kudos for her! Those who took it to the next level dipped into the Minnesota River at the end of the race and dropped the core temperature properly.

Huge thanks goes out to Mike, John, Greg, and the whole crew at Michael's Cycles in Chaska. They provided a hub and much help. So much appreciated. Big thanks for Banjo Brothers, Donkey Label, and Molten Speed Wax. All quality products from truly supportive people. Much respect! We hope you enjoyed the ride and forgive us for any mistakes in the results. Thanks!!

1Ian HoogendamOpen Men5:08
2Ben DoomOpen Men5:14
3Charlie SchadOpen Men5:14
4Ted LoosenOpen Men5:14
5Joe HamlinOpen Men5:14
6Greg AlexanderOpen Men5:18
7Jim BellMaster 50+5:29
8Matt AbelOpen Men5:29
9Devon PalmerOpen Men5:29
10Scott HippenOpen Men5:44
11Sam St.PierreMaster 50+5:50
12Matt HovenOpen Men5:50
13Jared LewisOpen Men5:50
14John StruchynskiMaster 50+5:51
15Brian DelaneyOpen Men5:53
16Pete MoodyOpen Men5:53
17Charles WolfOpen Men5:53
18David HerbertMaster 50+5:56
19Emily FlynnOpen Women5:56
20Don DouglassFATBIKE 50+5:56
21Michael TheilerOpen Men5:56
22Martin AndrusiakMaster 50+5:57
23Mark McLainMaster 50+5:57
24William PassOpen Men5:58
25James LuethMaster 50+5:59
26Paul InkalaOpen Men6:00
27Papito GregorioOpen Men6:10
28Alan EastlundOpen Men6:15
29Adam StaufenbergOpen Men6:15
30Rob MosimannMaster 50+6:19
31Chad MillnerOpen Men6:19
32Joshua SchneiderOpen Men6:21
33Grant BraaschOpen Men6:28
35Chelsea StrateOpen Woman6:36
36Max von HohenbergOpen Men6:36
37Steve BobuschOpen Men6:36
38Hurl EverstoneOpen Men6:36
39Jared GazdaOpen Men6:36
40Tom BendsonMaster 50+6:36
41Ryan WudtkeOpen Men6:40
42Chris NelsonOpen Men6:40
43William FeigesMaster 50+6:40
44Jon LaneMaster 50+6:40
45Jim SchultzOpen Men6:40
46Tim HolmstromMaster 50+6:40
47Robert LyngOpen Men6:41
48Andy LagesonOpen Men6:42
49David PetersonOpen Men6:44
50Scott KleinOpen Men6:46
51Stephen WilsonOpen Men6:46
52Shawn BrickOpen Men6:47
53Jim BrickOpen Men6:47
54Jeff HenkemeyerOpen Men6:48
55Ted ClausenFATBIKE6:52
56Eric KehrbergMaster 50+7:03
57Gary LindbergMaster 50+7:04
58Ben RoshkoSinglespeed7:08
59Brett SlomaOpen Men7:17
60Shaggy-Chad RiceSinglespeed7:19
61Thomas PannSinglespeed7:24
62Mike CambellMaster 50+7:26
63Jay DellisOpen Men7:27
66Allen SanbornOpen Men7:32
67Phil VeloOpen Men7:42
68Robert A. BrownOpen Men7:42
69Wade MuellerOpen Men7:48
70Matthew GryniewskiOpen Men7:48
71Carl BostroemOpen Men7:49
72Bill CallasMaster 50+7:51
73Bruce AndersonTANDEM8:00
73Peggy BartzTANDEM8:00
74Mark ButcherOpen Men8:13
75Jose PascualOpen Men8:13
76Suzanne ZaayerOpen Women8:19
77Daniel GlisczinskiFATBIKE8:19
78Walt BurnsMaster 50+8:22
79Cale SwansonOpen Men6:22
80Bryan JacobsonOpen Men8:22
81Erika SawinskiOpen Women8:26
82Joe PondOpen Men8:26
83John CarlineOpen Men8:26
84Luis RodriguezOpen Men8:28
85Luke SchmitzFATBIKE8:30
86Robert WilliamsSinglespeed8:37
87Kyle DavisOpen Men8:44
88Chad KellyOpen Men8:44
89Kathy BatesOpen Women 50+8:45
90Bill AyotteOpen Men9:15
91Jason WassonOpen Men9:16
92Daniel RandolphMaster 50+9:22
93Michael BundaOpen Men9:30
94Aaron OlsenSinglespeed9:30
95Tim LupferOpen Men9:30
96Ted BergstromOpen Men10:01
97Christopher ManeaOpen Men10:16
98Greg HenningsenOpen Men10:22
99Madeline HarmsOpen Women10:27
100David GrahamOpen Men10:27
101Tyler McKayOpen Men10:45
102Michael KnollMaster 50+10:46
103Brian HoeseOpen Men11:20

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Cue Card #5 Updated

Cue Sheet #5 has been updated Maplewood Rd. at mile 86.9, it should be a LEFT turn.  The PDF has been updated as of 10:45pm 6/9.   Please print a new card or make sure to change your existing.

PDF Link:

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Parking & Drop Bags

Recommended parking areas can be found here:

Drop Bags:
The park where the drop bag site is coming up a little quicker this year at mile 44.   We will keep it running until 1:00 pm.  Drop Bags should be back at Micheal's Cycle by 1:45.  Please consider using a bag you don't need back and water bottles you aren't concerned about (we have had a lot of unclaimed items in the past).  Attach your rider number to your bag and drop it off at registration.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Numbers, Cue Sheets, GPX, Waivers, & Water

A few things here...

To keep registration times & costs down we would prefer if you prepare your own race number.  The blank number can be found on the second page of the Cue Sheets.  Find the number next to your number in the Final Roster post and write it on the number blank and attach it to your bike the right side on the top/down tube or front of handle bars (see photo below).  2" packaging tape, zip, or twist ties are the recommended way to do this.  We will have numbers, tape, & zip ties available at the start... But it's recommended to do this before registering.  (Feel free to trim the number a bit if needed to make it fit)

Cue Sheets:
The Cue Sheets will guide you through the course.  Some of the will be marked along the way but please use the cue sheets for course directions.  The last 6 miles of the course will be marked. All but the last 1.5 miles and the first 4 miles are not on the Cue Sheets.

We need a sign waiver in order for you ride this event. Again to keep registration times & costs down please have your waiver ready & signed

PDF Link: (has been updated 6/9)
2016 Westside Dirty Benjamin Cue Sheets, Number Blank, & Waiver:

GPX File:
Thank you to Chris Nelson for converting our Google Map into a GPX file.  Link:

Due the weather forecast we would like to add additional water stop at mile 65.  There is a park there but no water fountain so we would like to bring 1 gallon jugs of water that are preferably almost frozen.  If we could get some help here it would great if about 75 people could bring a 1 gallon jug of water that was put into their freezer the night before.  This way we will hopefully have cold water available at mile 44, 65, & the finish.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

2016 Race Details

The 2016 Westside Dirty Benjamin will start at Micheal's Cycles in downtown Chaska at 8:00am Saturday June 11th.

Registration will be at 6:30 - 7:45am at Micheal's Cycles 700 N Chestnut St, Chaska, MN 55318

The course will be 100 miles with the last 8 miles being marked trails. The trails are mostly flat and double track, a couple sections of paved path, and there is a short single track section that ends about 1500 feet from the finish line.

Depending on the weather the finish line may change due to weather and/or time.  The main finish line will be down by the river.  Later in the day or if it is raining the finish line may shift over to the Micheal's Cycles Parking lot, the course markings will reflect any changes to avoid any confusion.

The checkpoint is at mile 44 this year, there is one other location we are looking at a park around mile 64 but have to verify a couple things first with that location. Keep this in mind when deciding on what to pack in a drop bag if you are planning on using one.  (More on this to come)

The map is now updated.

Final Roster

Here is the final roster for the 2016 Westside Dirty Benjamin:

100Greg AlexanderOpen Men
101Jeff AliOpen Men
102Bruce AndersonTANDEM
103Martin AndrusiakMaster 50+
104Bill AyotteOpen Men
105Ian Bachman SandersOpen Men
106Dan BaileyOpen Men
107Peggy BartzTANDEM
108Kathy BatesOpen Women 50+
109Lake BechtellFATBIKE
110Jim BellMaster 50+
111Tom BendsonMaster 50+
112Robin BennettMaster 50+
113Callie BenselOpen Women
114Larry BereuterOpen Men
115Jess BerghoffOpen Women
116Ted BergstromOpen Men
117Mike BernsMaster 50+
118Keith BianchiOpen Men
119Joe BischoffOpen Men
120Terry BlackfordFATBIKE 50+
121Steve BobuschOpen Men
122Travis BossOpen Men
123Carl BostroemOpen Men
124Joe BottensekOpen Men
125Jenn BoumaOpen Women
126Grant BraaschOpen Men
127Luke BreenMaster 50+
128Jim BrickOpen Men
129Shawn BrickOpen Men
130Tars BrickOpen Women
131Gary BrownMaster 50+
132Robert A. BrownOpen Men
133Christoph BruhnSinglespeed
134David BrumingOpen Men
135Michael BundaOpen Men
136Walt BurnsMaster 50+
137Brett BusackerOpen Men
138Mark ButcherOpen Men
139Bill CallasMaster 50+
140Mike CambellMaster 50+
141John CarlineOpen Men
142Derek CarlsonMaster 50+
143Philip CarltonOpen Men
144Mike CaseyOpen Men
145Sarah CastleOpen Women
146Kevin ChangOpen Men
147Ted ClausenFATBIKE
148Dan CopelandOpen Men
149Pete CrabtreeOpen Men
150Jason CreightonOpen Men
151Mike CriegoOpen Men
152Jim CueneOpen Men
153Devin CurranOpen Men
154Kyle DavisOpen Men
155Mikal DeanOpen Men
156Brian DelaneyOpen Men
157David DelforgeMaster 50+
158Jay DellisOpen Men
159Scott deVillersMaster 50+
160John DobbsOpen Men
161Brendan DolanOpen Men
162Caleb DonaldsonOpen Men
163Ben DoomOpen Men
164Bryan DoughertySinglespeed
165Don DouglassFATBIKE 50+
166Mark DykesOpen Men
167Ken EarleyOpen Men
168Alan EastlundOpen Men
169David EdgeOpen Men
170Kevin EllsworthOpen Men
171Erik EnglundOpen Men
172Pete ErenbergOpen Men
173Rick EricksonOpen Men
174Hurl EverstoneOpen Men
175William FeigesMaster 50+
176Nicole Felt MannOpen Women
177Eric FlomOpen Men
178Jeffrey FlorenceOpen Men
179Shawn FlynnOpen Men
180Shawn FlynnOpen Men
181Emily FlynnOpen Women
182Nick FolgerOpen Men
183Jess FordMaster 50+
184Jeff FraneOpen Men
185Steve FreeseOpen Men
186Bonnie GagnonFATBIKE Women
187Adam GarbergOpen Men
188Jared GazdaOpen Men
189Paulie GlattOpen Men
190Daniel GlisczinskiFATBIKE
191David GrahamOpen Men
192Lynn GregoryMaster 50+
193Trisha GrothOpen Women
194Matthew GryniewskiOpen Men
195Linda GutowskyOpen Women
196Leo HaefemeyerOpen Men
197Peter HagertyOpen Men
198Theo HalvorsonOpen Men
199Joe HamlinOpen Men
200Greg HansenMaster 50+
201Boyd HansenSinglespeed
202Madeline HarmsOpen Women
203Ed HasselmanMaster 50+
204Ed HedblomMaster 50+
205Cory HedinFATBIKE
206Bob "Thor" HeinzenFATBIKE
207Chris HellerOpen Men
420Jay HendersonOpen Men
209Kristi HendersonOpen Women
210Jeff HenkemeyerOpen Men
211Greg HenningsenOpen Men
212David HerbertMaster 50+
213Robert "Infinite" HestOpen Men
214Scott HippenOpen Men
215Matthew HockersSinglespeed
216Brian HoeseOpen Men
217Mitch HoffmanOpen Men
218Stefanie HollmichelOpen Women
219Tim HolmstromMaster 50+
220Hal HoltMaster 50+
221Ian HoogendamOpen Men
222Angela HopOpen Women
223Matt HovenOpen Men
224Navar HrenSinglespeed
225Emir IbrahimpasicOpen Men
226Mike IleMaster 50+
227Paul InkalaOpen Men
228Bryan JacobsonOpen Men
229Dan JansenOpen Men
230Vincent JenningOpen Men
231Robbie JensonOpen Women
232Corey JohnsonMaster 50+
233Ian JohnsonOpen Men
234Wayne KalalOpen Men
235Tim KarelsOpen Men
236Eric KehrbergMaster 50+
237Chad KellyOpen Men
238Steven KennyMaster 50+
239Andy KeoghOpen Men
240Jon Kern Open Men
241Irfan KhanMaster 50+
242Kirk KingMaster 50+
243Patrick KinneyOpen Men
244Scott KleinOpen Men
245Kierstin KloecknerOpen Women
246Michael KnollMaster 50+
247Daven KokkilaSinglespeed
248Paul KrumrichOpen Men
249Brent KvittemOpen Men
250Ben LagerquistOpen Men
251Andy LagesonOpen Men
252Mark LaLondeOpen Men
253Jon LaneMaster 50+
254Tom LapinskiOpen Men
255Maria LaQuaOpen Women
256Mike LeeFATBIKE
257Crisi LeeOpen Women
258Scott LenzMaster 50+
259Peter LenzOpen Men
260Paul LeRoyOpen Men
261Jared LewisOpen Men
262Brett LienMaster 50+
263Bradly LindbergMaster 50+
264Gary LindbergMaster 50+
265Ted LoosenOpen Men
266James LuethMaster 50+
267Jason LybargerOpen Men
268Robert LyngOpen Men
269John MackMaster 50+
270Karl MadcharoOpen Men
271Christopher ManeaOpen Men
272Andy MartensOpen Men
273Mike MasonOpen Men
274Marty MathisFATBIKE 50+
275Ed MatthiesenMaster 50+
276Sean MattnerOpen Men
277Peter MaxwellOpen Men
278Jamie McDonaldFATBIKE 50+
279Michael McElhinneyOpen Men
280Andy McInnisOpen Men
281Tyler McKayOpen Men
282Mark McLainMaster 50+
283Dave MelcherMaster 50+
284Rigel MenardOpen Men
285Michael MilesMaster 50+
286Tom MillerOpen Men
287Chad MillnerOpen Men
288Desta MillnerOpen Women
289Josh MolnarOpen Men
290Pete MoodyOpen Men
291Steve MoseMaster 50+
292Rob MosimannMaster 50+
293Bob MuellerMaster 50+
294Wade MuellerOpen Men
295Peter MuellerOpen Men
296Kenton MuntheOpen Men
297David NaumanMaster 50+
298Chris NelsonOpen Men
299Lisa NelsonOpen Women
300Jason NessOpen Men
301Kyle NessOpen Men
302Mark NestandeMaster 50+
303Austin NeuburgerOpen Men
304Matt NikodymOpen Men
305Wookiee NixonOpen Men
306Jeremy NortonFATBIKE
307Eamon O'HaraOpen Men
308Jeff O'NeillOpen Men
309Bill O'ReillyMaster 50+
310John OhottoOpen Men
311Adam OliverOpen Men
312Aaron OlsenSinglespeed
313John OmanOpen Men
314Tim OolmanMaster 50+
315Benjamin OrtegaSinglespeed
316Devon PalmerOpen Men
317Thomas PannSinglespeed
318Jose PascualOpen Men
319William PassOpen Men
320Lee PennOpen Women
321David PetersonOpen Men
322Erik PetersonOpen Men
323Brian PetersonOpen Men
324Jeff PettesOpen Men
325Joe PondOpen Men
326Tom QuinnMaster 50+
327Adam RamerthOpen Men
328Daniel RandolphMaster 50+
329Trenton RaygorOpen Men
330Stuart RaymondOpen Men
331Jessica RedeniusOpen Women
332Shaggy-Chad RiceSinglespeed
333Tom RingoldMaster 50+
334Franz RinkleffOpen Men
335Scott RobertsonOpen Men
336James RobinOpen Men
337Luis RodriguezOpen Men
338Cole RogersOpen Men
339Mike RoseOpen Men
340Ben RoshkoSinglespeed
341Ray SamideMaster 50+
342Allen SanbornOpen Men
343Shawn SaveOpen Men
344Erika SawinskiOpen Women
345Charlie SchadOpen Men
346Luke SchmitzFATBIKE
347Joshua SchneiderOpen Men
348Paul SchoeningMaster 50+
349Justin SchuetzOpen Men
350Jim SchultzOpen Men
351Luke SchuttenhelmOpen Men
352Todd ShanafeltOpen Men
353Darryl ShoemakerOpen Men
354Corey ShouseOpen Men
355Jeff ShupeOpen Men
356Kelli SimpsonOpen Women
357Deo SiocoMaster 50+
358Mark SkarpohlMaster 50+
359Henry SlocumOpen Men
360Brett SlomaOpen Men
361Harlan SmithOpen Men
362Elliot SpronkOpen Men
363Sam St.PierreMaster 50+
364Adam StaufenbergOpen Men
365Keir StieglerOpen Men
366Guy StillOpen Men
367Chelsea StrateOpen Woman
368Erik SudheimerOpen Men
369Jared SundstromOpen Men
370Chris SurOpen Men
371Anna SvibenOpen Women
372Cale SwansonOpen Men
373Tom TaylorSinglespeed 50+
374Ryan TerpeningOpen Men
375Michael TheilerOpen Men
376Tony ThomasOpen Men
377John ThompsonMaster 50+
378Bil ThorneFATBIKE
379David ToewsOpen Men
380Gillian TomasiniOpen Women
381Ben TrammOpen Men
382Evan TweedOpen Men
383Paul UrbanskiMaster 50+
384Brent VacinekOpen Men
385Phil VeloOpen Men
386Jana VeloOpen Women
387Sveta VoldFATBIKE Women
388Max von HohenbergOpen Men
389Roy VosbergSinglespeed 50+
390Steve VrchotaOpen Men
391Mike WaatajaOpen Men
392Steven WachholzMaster 50+
393Brian WaletzkoOpen Men
394Beth WalserOpen Women
395Denise WardOpen Women
396Cassie Warholm-WohlenhausFATBIKE Women
397Jason WassonOpen Men
398Kevin WellsFATBIKE
399Steve WellsMaster 50+
400Josie WelshSinglespeed Women
401Danny WhippleOpen Men
402Robert WilliamsSinglespeed
403Kurtis WilsonOpen Men
404Stephen WilsonOpen Men
405Holly WindschitlOpen Women
406Charles WolfOpen Men
407Jonno WoutatOpen Men
408Ryan WudtkeOpen Men
409Suzanne ZaayerOpen Women
410Dave ZiemerOpen Men
411Jonathon ZiemerSinglespeed
412Dann ZinkeOpen Men
413Ken ZylstraMaster 50+
414John StruchynskiMaster 50+
415Matt AbelOpen Men