Friday, January 29, 2010

Registration Update

We are banging our heads and deciding on good dates for the registration. The registration will be to fill out a postcard with a bit of information and drop it in the mail between some dates that we will be posting later. Not too bad, eh? We are also coming up with categories for the race. There will be a single speed and most likely a fixed...Respect. A few others like male/female not sure about the transgender but if there is enough who register, we may be able to come up with something.

More info to follow and thanks to all those who become fans of our Facebook site!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Westside Dirty Benjamin is on!!!

What is the Westside Dirty Benjamin you ask? Well let's start off with a bit of how the Dirty B was born...

In 2009, 100 miles of gravel road racing was gaining momentum in Minnesota. With the Almanzo 100, Ragnarok 105 and Heck of the North representing their respective areas with picturesque horizons, diabolical routes, and a down right grand ole time, the AGRS Race for the Cup was born. (Shout out to Almanzo!). Talking to many bike heads around town, there was great energy and desire to get out there and ride a gravel century. This was also evidenced by the Ragnarok filling up within hours and the Almanzo approaching 300 entrants!! Heads can't get enough of wanting to ride the bits for five plus hours. We thought that a gravel race a showcasing Carver County would be fit right in to the scheme.

Carver County??? Yup, the same county lying west of Lake Minnetonka. The route will start and end near enough to Minneapolis for those Minnies who may not have the ability to get out of town for an early morning start. For the out-o-towners, there is a great opportunity to visit and stay with family and/or friend located the Twin Cities.

The race is free and we'll be opening it up for postcards in a few months...more on that later so check the blog. The format is the same as the other rides of the AGRS and the details of which will also be posted at a later date. So much to look forward to.

Oh, by the way, the date was originally June 12 but will be June 19, 2010. Nice! Should be a great day