Friday, May 24, 2019

Race Details Post 1 of 2

June 8th is getting closer, almost Dirty Benjamin time! Here are some details:

This year's event will follow most of the original course that run out to Winstead and Watertown and is coming in at 101 miles.

The start/finish will be located at Lion's Park at 736 Mt Hope Rd Carver, MN (2 miles from Chaska)

Sign in will start at 7 am at the park picnic shelter and the race will start at 8 am.   Bathrooms and running water are available at the park.

PARKING: there is limited parking in the park's parking lot. Please park on the west side of Mt. Hope Rd. north of 7th St. or the park.

RIDER #'s, CUE SHEETS, GPS MAP: This information will be posted by June 1st.  It is up to your to print your rider number, cue sheets, and waiver.  This is important to keeping this event free.

DROPBAGS: at mile 50 there is a park with a picnic shelter, bathrooms, and well water.
we will take disposable drop bags & items out there for your pickup.  There will be no returning of drop bags year.  If you plan on bringing a drop bag please bring it in a plastic bag and attach your rider number to the bag.

GAS STATION:  at mile 70 there is a nice new Speedway gas station if you need to stop for anything

ROUTE: Due to flooding, the 10th anniversary of the WDB, and popular demand this year's event will follow much of the original route out to Winstead.  The Brappp! section is back, during the course recon ride last week it was rideable with 2 dismounts to hop over standing water.  I made it through with no wet feet.  The gravel was soft and freshly graded in a lot of spots but should packed better in the next couple of weeks with all the rain we are getting.  Pretty much all of the climbing is in the first 10 miles with a very nice short steep climb right at the finish.  Those racing for the bottle of champagne may want to check out the last 1/4 mile of the course before the start.  The course map can be found by CLICKING HERE or:

SHORTER ROUTE: There will not be an official shorter route this year.  There is a good spot to take a short cut to make the ride about 51 miles.  This will be noted in the cue sheets and you are welcome to come out and just ride this distance.

VOLUNTEERS:  We could use 3 or 4 volunteers in the morning from 6:45 to 8:00 if anyone is available please send us an email to

PARTICIPANTS: Registration is still open until May 31st.  Registration is only needed if you are not currently on our roster.  Our roster is almost up to 1000 names.  This does not mean we are expecting that many riders.  To lighten the work load we just keep riders on the roster from previous years' registrations so you can grab your race number & cues and come ride if you are on the list.  We have always had over 100 riders in the event even in the past 3 years with terrible weather.  Our maximum was a little over 200, so if it's a nice day on June 8th hopefully we will get a couple hundred rider out to ride some gravel!

County Park at mile 50: