Thursday, December 17, 2015

June 11th, 2016

The Dirty Benjamin Returns! We've been working on updating the course and some other good changes in store. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

An Outstanding Day

The 6th rendition of the Westside Dirty Benjamin was a great day on the bike! The day started misty which turned a few folks away but they missed a good ride. The sun stayed behind the clouds and the wind was virtually non-existent. This made for fast times! Charlie Schad took the top spot in 5 hours and 24 minutes. Jim Bell, 2011 winner, had the same time to take the top spot for the Master 50+ category. Phillip Carlton took the top singlespeed two minutes later at 5:26. That is no joke!! Denise Ward came in for as the top woman at 5:53. Way to go Denise!! Corey Hedin came in for the top Fatbike spot at 6:33. A big shout out to Paul Heppenla who came in DFL at 10:22 on a fatbike and claimed a messenger bag from Banjo Brothers!! Nice work to all the top spot and all those who rode the Westside Dirty Benjamin. We hope you  enjoyed it as much as we had putting it together!

We would also like to give much thanks and praises to our volunteers. Without them, the day would not have been a success...guaranteed. Thank to Peter and Nate Pascale who brought, set up, and cooked the hot dogs at the checkpoint and aided with the registration. Many-a-rider were grateful for the snack! Thanks to Karyn Rudnick who provided the ride to and from the event, registration, checkpoint, and finish support.  Thanks to Gal Alon for providing support for the riders from the Penn Cycle van at the start and the checkpoint. Raise it up!

We also want to give much props to the businesses that supported us and provided some outstanding products for the riders:

Banjo Brothers
Behind Bars
Calhoun Cycle
Michael's Cycles - Huge shout out for hosting the registration and assisting with organizing
Molten Speed Wax
Penn Cycle
Planet Bike
Shaggy - those handmade denim wallets were sick!
Twin Six

These businesses really set the bar high and we appreciate how much support they have given over the years. Quality product, quality service and just great folks when it comes down to it! Results are posted HERE so thanks for coming and taking on the gravel roads of Carver County!!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

More Info

Please come with a copy of the waiver signed. You can find the waiver HERE.

Also, Ben Lagerquist provided a tcx file made from the map for the Garmin which can be HERE. Don't let the XML fool ya, I figure you can download it and save it as a .tcx file and it should do the trick. The google map to tcx file could be hit or miss, good thing we have cue sheets!  Shout to Ben!

Thanks for the support from some truly amazing companies! Please show them some love. Shout out to:
Banjo Brothers
Behind Bars
Michael's Cycles
Molten Speed Wax
Penn Cycle
Planet Bike
Twin Six

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

2015 Route

Here is the link to cue sheets for 2015.  We will also have them at registration.


Here is the link to the map for 2015. Total mileage is about 106.


Friday, June 5, 2015

Race Details

Thanks to the folks at Michael's Cycles & The Chaska VFW we have our new Start/Finish & Registration locations set.  (Map Link)

*Please note that there is a bicycle tour leaving from the Chaska VFW at the same time on Saturday and not to get into the wrong event*

Will be at Michael's Cycles 700 N Chestnut St, Chaska MN 55318
6:30-7:40 AM June 13th
Drop bags will be accepted here

The race will start at the parking lot of the Chaska Baseball field on W 1st St. in Chaska at 8:00 AM

Chaska VFW at 620 Creek Rd. Chaska, MN
North side of parking lot
Sprinter's finish will be held 1/4 mile north on the VFW on Creek Rd.
The VFW will be welcoming all finishers who would like to stop in for a cool beverage after the race.

Check the map for best street parking locations.  There will be temporary  parking for registration at Michael's Cycles, the back of Cooper's Foods store's lot, and by the Community Bank on Walnut St.
There are a few all days spots available at Cooper's (See map)

Drop Bags:
Bags will be accepted at registration.  Please consider bringing a bag and items that are disposable or that you may not be concerned about getting returned.  While will be bring everything back from the drop site it may not be for an hour or two after you finish.  We have had a lot of left over items in the past.  All unclaimed drop bags will have perishables thrown away and be held a Michael's Cycle for one week.

The route will follow pretty much the same course as the last few years.  We have remove the extended off-road section from the start that was part of last years course.  The official course maps will be posted by the end of the day on Wednesday.

Map URL:

Friday, April 3, 2015

Race Update

Due to the construction at Schimelfenig Park and on Creek Rd. in Chaska are currently looking at the start/finish being held at the Chaska VFW or Riverside Park in Carver.  We will assess Creek Rd. and make that decision closer to the start date.

We are still planning on having a drop bag site in Winstead (around the 60 mile mark)

Registration will be closed after April 4th.

If you registered and do not see your name on the 2015 registered riders list or you are list under the wrong class please send us an email.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Entrants List

To view current entrants click the 2015 Entrants link below Mr. Benjamin or here.

 If you want to change classes or registered and don't see your name on the list please contact us at by June 1st.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Dirty B 2015

The Westside Dirty Benjamin returns June 13th 2015!

Registration will open on February 1st. More Details Coming soon.

Stay warm and keep pedaling!