Sunday, June 17, 2018

2018 Results

Here are the results for 2018.  There were about 135 riders that started and 102 that finished.

Congratulations to everybody who finished this years event!! 

Things got a little crazy weather wise and some of the results sheets got damaged.  I did my best with the finishing times by using the finishing order and comparing them with Strava data, photo times, and text times but there are a lot of missing finishing times. Sorry.

Please send an email if...
You finished and are not listed  
Listed under the wrong distance
Listed under a Strava finish and know who you finished next to

14:46BjornSelanderOpen Men
24:46LukeRussellOpen Men
34:56IanHoogendamOpen Men
45:00DannyWhippleOpen Men
55:01JoshMolnarOpen Men
6PatrickEllisOpen Men
75:22DavidWarginMaster 50+
85.22ArikHolmOpen Men
95:25TedMartinOpen Men
105:25PaulKrumrichOpen Men
115.25TedLoosenOpen Men
125:25ChadMacyOpen Men
13LukeNelsonOpen Men
14DavidHerbertMaster 50+
15AndrewDostalOpen Men
16LeePennOpen Women
17AaronVoreisOpen Men
18EricSundstromOpen Men
19SamSt.PierreMaster 50+
20EmilyFlynnOpen Women
20.55:53TimLupferOpen Men
215:59DannyStormOpen Men
22DavidToewsOpen Men
23BenFifeOpen Men
24NateEdelOpen Men
25JaredGazdaOpen Men
26IssacWeeksOpen Men
276:00J. ScottIngersollOpen Men
28CullenRaaschOpen Men
29KristiTrostelWomen Master
30CharlesParsonSS Master
32ZacharyFlashOpen Men
32.5Michael DrahausOpen Men
33KimberlyBreuerOpen Women
346:17CameronEvjenOpen Men
35DavidEdgeOpen Men
36PaulInkalaOpen Men
37JeffO'NeillOpen Men
38KyleDavisOpen Men
39AndyLagesonOpen Men
406:35TimMonkoOpen Men
41PattiIversonOpen Women
42KyleJohnsonMaster 50+
43MikeBinkowskiOpen Men
44SeanMattnerOpen Men
45GrantBraaschOpen Men
46KenZylstraMaster 50+
47DanNovakOpen Men
48ChrisNelsonOpen Men
49RaySamideMaster 50+
50MikeCambellMaster 50+
51JaredSedlacekOpen Men
526:45RobMosimannMaster 50+
53ChrisWarrenOpen Men
56MikeNoonanMaster 50+
56.5BrianRichMaster 50+
57JamesLorentzenMaster 50+
59ErikKrabbenhoftOpen Men
60MikeThorsonOpen Men
61BrettSlomaOpen Men
63CaseySandersOpen Men
64EdShawMaster 50+
656:50GeoffreyWilsonOpen Men
666:50StephenWilsonOpen Men
67DalePetersenMaster 50+
68CaleSwansonOpen Men
70DanielSchueMaster 50+
71MikeWarnerOpen Men
72MarkSeaburgMaster 50+
73PaulBroganOpen Men
74JosePascualOpen Men
75MarkButcherOpen Men
76MarkBushinskiOpen Men
777:42HenrySlocumOpen Men
78KateHansonOpen Women
797:59KateAnkofskiOpen Women
80MichealDeveraOpen Men
81PeterLoewensonMaster 50+
82MaxDingemansOpen Men
???DanDittmerOpen Men
73 14:14JeffHenkemeyerOpen Men
73 2ChadWoofterOpen Men
73 2.5MikeNohrOpen Men
73 3JustinKellyOpen Men
73 4AdamMilnes
73 5Dana AllanKromerMaster 50+
73 65.23DaveMelcherMaster 50+
73 75.23AllenStaufferOpen Men
73 85.23DarynLowmanMaster 50+
73 95.23]AngelaHopOpen Women
73 10AllenSanbornOpen Men
73 11JoshuaWeichselOpen Men
73 12KevinDirksenOpen Men
73 13DavidPierceOpen Men
73 14AdamMilnesOpen Men
Strava5:38ErikSudheimerOpen Men
Strava6:05TomQuinnMaster 50+
Strava7:01JoeBlackMaster 50+
Strava7:31SusanneGlasserOpen Women
???ScottKleinOpen Men

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Short Recap...

Wow what a crazy day! Another WDB with brutal weather conditions! Thank you to everybody who showed up and took on this challenging day. A big thanks to the volunteers from Michael’s Cycle Saturday ride crew and my wife Jenny &  and her sister Andrea! Also a big thanks to Donkey Label for their support and great party on Friday evening! Plus the tasty jerky from Jack Links!

The event started shortly after a hail storm and 20 minute downpour. Skies stayed clear for the first 90 minutes but then it was back to rain, with intermittent downpours forcing some riders to seek shelter. A few riders reported witnessing landslides and parts of gravel roads that were almost impassable due to the large wash outs and ruts.

You would think this would of slowed the ride down but Bjorn Selander with Luke Russell on his tail came in with a time just over 4 hours and 45 minutes!

I am still sorting through results, photos, & videos and will do my best to them posted by Saturday.

If you left a drop bag behind and you would like to pick it up, I drop it off either at Michael’s Cycles in Chaska or Hollywood Cycles in Minneapolis. Send an email to with a description on your bag (most of the rider #’s on them got wrecked) and where you would like to pick it up.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Cue Sheet Update & GPS Links

The mileage on the Cue Sheets has been updated so it might not be a bad idea to download them again.  They were off by about .9 miles in a few spots.

GPS links can be found below.  Look for the orange send to device button to access to right file.  Thanks to Phil Velo for putting these together!

Westside Dirty Benjamin GPS link:

Westside Dirty Benjamin (73 Mile) GPS link:

Cue Sheets, Numbers, & Waiver:

Friday, June 1, 2018

2018 Event Details

Here is the info you need for Saturday June 9th.

Due to the projected high temperature of 87 and our new streamlined sign-in process the race will start at 7:30 am

Sign-in and Registration will open at 6:10 am at the start location which is at Guardian Angels School 217 W 2nd St, Chaska, MN 55318  (If you are in Minneapolis try to make to the Donkey Label pre-WDB party and do your sign in there)

Please print your own Cue Sheets, Race Number, and Event Waiver. Get your rider number from the 2018 Event Roster tab or here. We need a signed waiver for you to start the event. The race starts at 7:30 am and closes at 6:30 pm. We'll do our best to have a cool beverage waiting for you at the finish.

Michael's Cycles will be open for any last minute bike issues and also be the closest bathroom access.  Please plan on there not being any restrooms at the start.  Their new address is 108 N Chestnut St, Chaska, MN 55318

Please wear a helmet and have working brakes.

The 2018 Course is essentially the same as 2017 expect there is no longer the detour we had to use on the Scenic Byway by Henderson.  The Google Map of the course has highlights and section descriptions

We will be having a Drop Bag/Checkpoint at mile 65 (Thanks to Michael's Cycles and their Saturday riding crew). If you drop a bag off, we will bring it to the Henderson Picnic Shelter and return it back to the start. The checkpoint will close down at 1:45. Please put your race number on your bag (use masking tape or name tag etc. just make sure it doesn't fall off easy).

Water is available from a well at mile 45 in Rush River Park. In LeSueur at mile 55 there is a gas station, grocery store, and a few restaurants., and the u4ic Brewery Tap Room is at mile 75.

If you are racing the event and shooting for the top 5 please look at the map to see where the finish line is located. It will be on the trail before the baseball field.  There will be markings at 1000 feet from the finish line on the course.

There is about 1.5 miles of snowmobile trail and 1 mile MTB singletrack (nothing crazy) right after the checkpoint. These sections could get omitted if it is raining or wet.

The Braapp!! section most likely will not be apart of the course and will race day add, it is currently flooded so it will be marked if it is added. Expect some sand, shallow water crossing, and very rutted out double track if it's added.

There is one house that has a couple of dogs that are a little aggressive which is marked on the Cue Sheet. I have ridden by twice and they bark at you at come out on the road but nothing more. I will be stopping at this house to let them know of the event and hopefully they will bring the dogs inside.

Waiver, Cue Sheets, & Race Numbers-

Race Numbers-