Monday, May 28, 2012


Time is approaching for the 3rd riding of the Westside Dirty Benjamin and time was taken to recon the course yesterday. What started as an ambitious quest to validate the cue sheets and log miles on the gravel, ended in a lesson of suffering and cue sheet attention.

I meant to start the day a bit earlier but didn't get riding till almost 9:30 am. The wind was present and the heat was starting. After a 40 miles, it was much windier and hotter!! The Dirty B spends much time next to fields and generally out in the open so I was glad I remembered to put on the 50 sunscreen on my legs and face. Not long into the ride, I realized that I forgot to cover the arms. Ouch! They are redder than a neck in the hills of Tex-arkana. So I write this after a session with wet, cold towels cooling them...momentarily. Word of advice, bring the sunscreen and don't scimp!!

Around mile 91 or 94, I made a wrong turn, I turned on 102nd St before turning on Highway 5. Not a good idea unless you want to add 10+ miles to your ride. I write this detail so you don't make the same mistake. While you most likely not, the head is in a challenged place after 90+ miles and adding more to the final tally is just not going in the right direction. So cue sheets should be minded.

Other worthy news is the BRAPP!! section. It is rideable but soft so if the weather remains wet, some tread on the tire is recommended otherwise the tread on your shoe may get some mud on it. TBD on that so a game time decision may be necessary depending on the weather.

So in conclusion, it is recommended to bring
    Plenty of water
    Your thinking caps
    A good attitude Sunglasses
    A buddy to switch off drafting duty
    Sunscreen again and water
    That nifty cue sheet holder from Banjo Bros clipped on your handlebars

Oh yeah, if you plan on not riding, PLEASE LET US KNOW so we can open up spots to others that want to ride