Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Numbers, Cue Sheets, GPX, Waivers, & Water

A few things here...

To keep registration times & costs down we would prefer if you prepare your own race number.  The blank number can be found on the second page of the Cue Sheets.  Find the number next to your number in the Final Roster post and write it on the number blank and attach it to your bike the right side on the top/down tube or front of handle bars (see photo below).  2" packaging tape, zip, or twist ties are the recommended way to do this.  We will have numbers, tape, & zip ties available at the start... But it's recommended to do this before registering.  (Feel free to trim the number a bit if needed to make it fit)

Cue Sheets:
The Cue Sheets will guide you through the course.  Some of the will be marked along the way but please use the cue sheets for course directions.  The last 6 miles of the course will be marked. All but the last 1.5 miles and the first 4 miles are not on the Cue Sheets.

We need a sign waiver in order for you ride this event. Again to keep registration times & costs down please have your waiver ready & signed

PDF Link: (has been updated 6/9)
2016 Westside Dirty Benjamin Cue Sheets, Number Blank, & Waiver:

GPX File:
Thank you to Chris Nelson for converting our Google Map into a GPX file.  Link:

Due the weather forecast we would like to add additional water stop at mile 65.  There is a park there but no water fountain so we would like to bring 1 gallon jugs of water that are preferably almost frozen.  If we could get some help here it would great if about 75 people could bring a 1 gallon jug of water that was put into their freezer the night before.  This way we will hopefully have cold water available at mile 44, 65, & the finish.


  1. The cue sheet has a wrong turn at 86.9 miles - you need to go LEFT on Maplewood (not right)

  2. If we could get some help here it would good.thanks you.

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