Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Westide Dirty Benjamin

Congrats to the 155 folks registered for the first Dirty Benjamin!!! Rider list can be seen by hitting the "Rider" link on the menu bar for the blog. A big surprise is that we have 14 entrants to the Masters class Word!!

We've got a lot planned since were are finished consulting with the mint on our ideas for the new Benjamin. We tried to get a bike in there but...

This weekend will be spent on recon since there are a few spots were we are trying to decide whether we should go this way or that. While the route is 95% done, those last decisions are sometimes the toughest. We do know this for sure, the start and fininsh is at Schimelpfenig Park in Chaska. There is a shelter with kitchen so we may have some dogs/not dogs grilling for a post race feast. We are looking into some more refreshments so more on that later. This being a park and all, there are plenty of structures for any offspring so tell the family to get down there to witness you finishing your gravel century!