Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Recon

Had a good day out on the course yesterday! The starting route is set and the scenery is spectacular. The roads are in good condition and points that were washed out earlier in the spring are all fixed now. There are some stretches though that are a bit loose so you'd be pushing it if you are running 28 mm tires.

So that racers will have enough food and hydration out there, we will bring drop bags to the check point in Watertown which is at about 60 miles. At registration, you will be able to give a bag-o-goodies to one of our outstanding volunteers and it will be waiting for you in Watertown. Please make the bag as small as possible. It could be really hot on June 19th so bring extra water. With that written, if you feel like donating something to the cause, haul out a couple extra gallons of water for others to use. If it is a real scorcher, we may have an extra water stop on the course. TBD. If you would like to run the race fully self supported, quality bags are essential. Banjo Brothers have an array of items to choose from including seat, handlebar and top tube bags. It is always good to be prepared with tools, food and agua. Tell 'em ole Dirty Benjamin sent ya.

More information to follow on parking, registration and post race hanging out will follow.


  1. Are you taking donations toward overall costs? Free is never free for those who host the event.


  2. True that-we will likely have a donation jar at the race for those who would like to contribute. Thanks for the comment!