Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Some Rules

Please read and follow the rules outlined below. We look forward to a thrilling, challenging, social, fun and safe event.

1) Obey traffic laws. This is an open course so show respect.
2) Helmet required (and I am not talking about your german buddy)
3) No littering!! Woodsy the Owl will swoop down and feed on any litterbugs.
4) 12 hour cut off - After 12 hours we will be busy grillin, chillin and fillin up with good vibes
5) You are on your own. This means no outside help. Fellow Dirty Benjamins are more than welcome to lend a   hand but come prepared. This is a self-supported event, yo.
6) You leave the course, you must re-enter at the same spot or be DQ'ed. Self explanatory, show respect to your fellow gravel fiends and don't cheat. Besides, you are only cheating yourself of a good time. Word.
7)No electric or gas powered two wheelers. We are down with the BRRAAAAPPPP but let's keep it human powered. (I just wanted to drop a BRRAAAPPPP in here)
8) Give a smile and a "How do" to the volunteers. They are invaluable to the race

As for the cue cards, they will be similar to those used in the Almanzo and Heck of the North. Jeremy Kershaw does a fine description of them on the Heck of the North blog.


  1. Do we get que cards for the entire course at start or only half the cards and the second half at the half way point? thanks

  2. How long are the hike a bike sections? (ie, do we need mountain bike shoes? last year was fine with road shoes, wondering if they would be ok this year as well.


  3. The entire stack of cue cards will be given at the start and there is no part being considered as a hike-a-bike section...The beginning section from last year is still flooded so that is not included this year

  4. If I ride over, is there a place I can stash a backpack for post race?

  5. Yes there is a place to stash a backback.

    Road shoes will work but there is a maybe a 1500ft section that may need to be hiked. Depends on if those 90's dried up the soft spots or not.