Thursday, February 2, 2012

For the Record

This is our approach to the Westside Dirty Benjamin:

This is not a "race" for all that sign up for the Dirty B. This is a group event where points are scored for those that are vying for the Lord James and Lady Elizabeth cup of the AGRS. We also give away a few trophys to the tops in the categories as well as post the covetted picture of said trophy recipients on the interwebs. Them's earned some notariety. We also have tables of products donated by bicycle related/supporting businesses which you can see listed on right side of this web page. These business make it possible for those who take part in the Dirty B to bring something home. The goods don't just go to the top 3, they go as long as the goods last. When folks arrive at the end of the race, they have the option to eat, drink, be merry and peruse the tables and take an item of their choosing. Shoo, you can even play horseshoes if you got them. Word! How much energy used during the ride is all up to the individual and what goals they have set for themselves. All goals are applauded and encouraged! So, send in a postcard, get on the list, show up and have a great time. If you a greedy MF and plan on hoarding many items from the donated products tables, you should be ashamed and can keep your damn postcard and save yourself some postage monies. One choice per hug y'all.

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