Friday, February 1, 2013

Registration Information

Let the wild rumpus begin! We have been all terse up in here so it's time to get the word out. First 200 postcards we receive are going in the 4th riding of the Westside Dirty Benjamin. We have the park reserved, plans are getting laid, contacts are being massed and spirits are getting high! The categories are as follows:
Open Men
Open Women
Master 50+

Last year, we received the 200 postcards in less than three weeks so you know what to do. Write down your name, category, and email. If you will be under 18 on June 15, 2013, let us know that too. We really like the postcards and frown on that cut up box of Leggo's with your info on it so get your art on and show us some humour, art or what you got. Send it to:

Registration Closed

I'll be updating the list every few days and look forward to seeing you! Oh yeah, our take on this event is for you to ride your way be it as fast as you can, as entertaining as you can, as a goal to get 60 miles in and feast on half a dozen White Castle slider, or whatever. As long as you enjoy it, it is a success!


  1. Hi Martin, will you have a waiting list this year? Enjoyed the DB last year, thanks for organizing, John T.

  2. I'm hoping for a miracle - would love to get into this event. I realize it's late, but this is right in my back yard. What must I do?