Friday, June 7, 2013

Cue Sheets, Release Form and Ramblings

We have the cue sheets saved so please download, print out, memorize, whatever you need to get from the start to the finish. I am not sure how many we will have printed out so to be sure, bring your own. There are two links for now, we will work on getting them into a single document but it is not high on the priority list right this second
Cue Sheets 1
Cue Sheets 2

Also print out and sign the release form. If you are under 18, get at your parents or guardian and get that signature. Release Form

One last thing, we ask that if you are planning on using a drop bag, please make it a plastic bag. We want to keep it all collapsible and easy to transport. No coolers or suitcases or anything like that. You can do it without the drop bag option. There is a water pump at the check point as well as stores in Watertown. We will check out other convenience options and post them.


  1. Martin, there was also a convenience store on left-hand side not too long after the Brrrrapppp section last year. I was bonking badly so can't remember where, exactly, but, Lo, thar it weres...

  2. Are we riding the trail on the roll out this year? Is it all mud?

  3. Thanks for the tip jnorton! As for the trail on the roll out, it is not all mud. If you keep moving, you'll likely be able to out gun those Carver mosquitos. I didn't notice any downed trees this year but that is nothing a chainsaw can't fix ;-)

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