Wednesday, June 18, 2014


We here at WDB Central want to tell everyone how amazed we are with the tenacity and "drive" the riders had to show up at the start line on a day that was destined for some challenging weather. You all endured some grimey trails, rain sprinkles that turned into water daggers, and gale force winds that will be known as the Waconia Wind Storm of 2014. Some took the option of the short route, some followed others and found themselves inadvertantly at the end of the short route, some had mechanicals, and some rode the full 100. A shout out to all who toed the line at the start to watch the saga of dropping the pine tree.

Huge shout out to Peter and family for running the show at the checkpoint. They fed many a mosquito so they deserve applause all around. Thanks to Suzanne for cooking and distributing over 150 hot dogs!! Was there some sort of hot dog eating contest or something? Were you all dipping them in the puddles to get them down faster? 150...that is no joke! Huge shout out to Gal from Penn Cycle. He help a number of riders out with mechanicals and a bunch more with a quick chain lube. A true champ!!

We also want to give a huge WDB hug to all those that supported the riders:

These are some of the best out there and we feel extremely fortunate to have there support. As for the results, you can find them here. Thanks again to all who showed up and made the day amazing!


  1. Exceptional organizing and execution!
    Thank you to the crew at start, check point and finish. Best dog on white bread I ever had.
    Maybe not the epic weather next time. Been there, survived that.

  2. What an amazing day. Sorry we had to roll before the tree came down. But there were plenty of other trees that came down in the reported 60 mph winds and rain. On one leg your right ear would fill with rain, then on the next leg your left ear would fill. Riding FAT was riding at a 45 degree angle. What a benefit to be riding FAT but shout out to all the skinny who sliced and danced and walk their way through the obscicals. Thank you for the hose coming out of the river bottoms. We also found another home with a hose in Watertown to do another wash down. Amazing how the running gear still works with all the abuse. Gal was an angel with a bottle of star dust (chain oil). Saved the day. Epic fun, Epic friends, Epic WDB staff and volunteers, and EPIC hot dogs (6). Thanks for having enough food for all of us "tail gunners". WOW did that hit the spot with a beer chaser. Thanks again and Semper Fi, Doc Wenmark, Ride Fat, Pedal Hard.

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