Sunday, June 10, 2012

Q Cards and Waiver

To make sure we don't run out of printed material, it would be a great help if you downloaded the waiver found at:
and bring it signed and dated to the registration. Also take some time and print out the cue sheets found at :

Fr the best printing results, you may have to download the Q cards and then print them from the downloaded files. Print them, cut them, paste them, stow them, and bring them. Don't just plan on following the tracks in the gravel, they can lead you to concrete and then whatchu gonna do? Use the force? Do what ya gotta do and you will be good to go!!


  1. Is the course the same as last year?

  2. 99% the same, we put part of the trail section back in at the start of the race from the 2010 course.