Thursday, June 14, 2012


We are fast approaching the start time and I just wanted to list a few things for you to remember:

Sunscreen - !!!!Fo Shizzle otherwise you will surely sizzle!!!!
Water - Bring what you need and bring more! We will carry drop bags to the checkpoint that is 60 miles in so carry enough to get there. Not much in between the start and the checkpoint so get all boy scout and be prepared. There is a waterpump at the checkpoint if needed.
Q cards - Print them and bring them. We will have a limited supply so if you want them, come ready.
Waiver - Save some time; print and sign.
Snacks - Your body will want some food to keep going. You like GU and Shot Blocks, bring them. You like Granola and Power Bars, bring them. You like Turkey Jerky, bring it. You like pop tarts, they may get crushed (from experience). You like Slim Jims, snap it!
Mile Counter - Helps when following the Q cards
An appetite for crushing gravel - Get Some and Bring It!!!

We have some nice rain on this Thursday to firm up the gravel. That should make for a less dusty event and an interesting Brraapp!! section. The temps look to be in the 80's so it will be a great time. As always, Kings Wine Bar is bringing down a feast for post ride replenishment and refreshment. Can't thank them enough!!!

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  1. YeeHaw! Excited to ride, guys. Thanks for all the hard work. See you soon.