Thursday, June 1, 2017

2017 Race Details

Here is the info you need for Saturday June 10th.

Sign-in and Registration will open at 6:15am at Michael's Cycles in Chaska, MN
Please print your own Cue Sheets, Race Number, and Event Waiver.  Get your rider number from the 2017 Event Roster tab or here. We need a signed waiver for you to start the event.  The race starts at 8:00am and closes at 7:00pm.  We'll do our best to have a cool one waiting for you at the finish.

Please wear a helmet and have working brakes.

Do not park in Walgreen's lot, you will get towed.  There is plenty of street parking in Chaska but you may need to park a few blocks away.  Consider parking by the VFW on Creek Rd. which is where the finish is and a 1/2 mile from Michael's Cycles

We will be having a Drop Bag/Checkpoint at mile 65 (Thanks to Michael's Cycles and their Saturday riding crew).  If you drop a bag off, we will bring it to the Henderson Picnic Shelter and return it back to the start.  The checkpoint will close down at 1:45.  Please put you race number on your bag (use masking tape or name tag etc. just make sure it doesn't fall off easy).  If you are racing and looking for your bag to be placed out for fast pickup please write "RACE" below the number on your bag , and place it in the designated drop off site at registration.

Water is available from a well at mile 45 in Rush River Park.  In LeSueur at mile 55 there is  a gas station, grocery store, and a few restaurants., and the u4ic Brewery Tap Room with Food Truck is at mile 75

If you are racing the event and shooting for the top 10 please look at the map to see where the finish line is located.  It will be on the trail before the baseball field,  we will ride past during the start of the event.

There is about 1.5 miles of snowmobile trail and 1 mile  MTB singletrack (nothing crazy) right after the checkpoint.  These sections could get omitted if it is raining or wet.

The Braapp!! section will be a race day add, it is currently flooded so it will be marked if it is added.  Expect some sand, shallow water crossing, and very rutted out double track if it's added.

To navigate the last 2 miles it might be helpful to look at the map.

There is one house that has a couple of dogs that are a little aggressive which is marked on the Cue Sheet.  I have riden by twice and they bark at you at come out on the road but nothing more.  I will be stopping at this house to let them know of the event and hopefully they will bring the dogs inside.

Here is an article about Henderson Station Rd. and it's appearance in Purple Rain

Waiver, Cue Sheets, & Race Numbers-

Race Numbers-


GPS Files: (Not tested generated from a Strava Route recorded with iPhone)

Henderson/Purple Rain article-

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