Thursday, June 8, 2017

Hot Weather - Water & Shortened Route Options

With Saturday's forecast being so warm we have added some different route options and are looking for about 30 volunteers to bring a half-frozen gallon containers of water (put it in your freezer the night before) so we can have cold water at the checkpoint.

Shortened Route Options... You can make the call during the event or at the start.

1/2+  (56.3 miles) - this option will get you out on a nice ride but will having you missing out on the better gravel roads, it also won't have any available water stops.  The 1/2+ option will be on the honor system with a clip board at the finish (the finish will not be officially open until 12:15)

3/4 (75.5 miles).  The 3/4 option will still get you out to the checkpoint, MTB trail and Henderson Station Rd.  You will miss out on passing through Rush River Park but also avoid 4 climbs & a couple of hours in the heat.

Here is the Cue Sheet for the shortened routes. They have also been added to the map.

shortened route cue sheet link:


  1. As of last weekend the "Henderson Snowmobile" section was completely flooded - is there a work-around for this section? Also, the trail segment from the north side of the 25 bridge (Belle Plain) looked flooded, as well as the trail segment along Co Rd 40 in Carver and the trail section from Carver to Chaska Field was impassable with mud on Wednesday... Are these sections going to be checked before tomorrow to see if they're rideable?